Krav Maga Instructor Certification

The CT 707 Krav Maga system

A note from Nir Maman, the founder of the system:

Because not all Krav Maga is the same.”

That quote is probably the best description for Krav Maga as it stands today. Krav Maga is the youngest and most modern self defense system out there, and since Imi’s passing in 1998, Krav Maga has morphed into a system with so many dialects and approaches.

There does not exist one single Defensive Tactics/Reality Based system that is 100% complete on its own, as far as addressing the realities of real life survival, Krav Maga included. Although Krav Maga is a system that was developed for real life survival, and it does approach many of the subjects related to real life survival with realistic principles, most of the Krav Maga that is taught around the world (including in Israel) is still lacking in evolution that translates those principles into tactics and strategies that are deployed congruently with the realities of todays diverse and dynamic attack modalities. The overwhelming majority of all the Krav Maga out there is still rooted on a platform of traditional Martial Arts/dojo oriented thinking and deployment, meaning it is structured technique oriented.

When I was running the training at the Israeli Special Forces Counter Terror School (the LOTAR), I had some of the top Special Operations/Special Forces Units from around the world that I was responsible for teaching. Units from the US SOCOM, all the way to Europe, Asia, and Africa, that would come to us to learn the most effective methodologies for Counter Terror warfare before they deployed for high-risk operations to Iraq and Afghanistan.

These units would all spend different amounts of time at the CTS depending on what their mission profiles were for their deployments, some units would be with us for as little as one week.

During that time, I had to give them knowledge and skills that would not only be as congruent as possible with the realities of the environments they would be operating in, but I had to deliver that knowledge and skillset on a platform that would allow them to learn it, retain it, and be able to effectively deploy it in such a condensed time frame, and it had to do them justice. It had to offer these Warriors the most optimal ability to survive against the dangerous threats they would be fighting.

This is how the CT 707 Krav methodology was born.

Through the insight and integration of my experience from three different paradigms, I was able to develop a methodology that allowed me to effectively deliver on that mission.

The first area of experience, was my Martial Arts/Defensive Tactics training background.

In addition to Krav Maga, over the course of my 40 years of training, I have trained in numerous other systems. Some of these other systems were sport or martial art application systems, but some of them were systems that were oriented towards real life survival. They were systems that were developed in different regions of the world and were designed to address different modalities of combat and challenges.

They were systems that contributed in experience and ways of thinking and moving that Krav Maga did not (due of course to each respective system’s unique environment, challenges, and virtues).

These systems were also developed by individuals who were as genius in their insight and foresight when it came to the subject of dynamic violence as Imi was.

Specifically, these individuals and systems were Bruce Lee and his system of Jeet Kune Do and Ed Parker and his system of American Kenpo Karate.

As I mentioned earlier, there does not exist one single system out there that is 100% complete. However, I have found that the integration of Krav Maga, Jeet Kune do, and Kenpo, creates a platform that comes as close to 100% effectiveness as there is.

The second area of experience, is my professional experience of over twenty years which includes service in Military Special Operations in Israel, Policing/Law Enforcement and Security Tactical Operations and Patrol in Canada and the United States, and Security Operations around the globe.

The diversity of my service background, including all the qualification training I have gone through as well as all the field/operational experiences I have lived has clearly contributed to a huge part of my education on real life survival. There is no greater teacher than another human being who’s objective is to prevent you from doing what you have to do or need to do, and where the stakes of not succeeding in that encounter, can result in you losing your life.

The third area of experience, was my personal experience in life of being targeted and victimized by violence.

Since I was a young child, I have always attracted the bullies. From grade school all the way through to high school, I experienced an assortment of physical bullying ranging from mild antics like being shoved into lockers, right up to very serious incidents that required Police intervention, such as my very first multiple attacker incident in life, where me and a friend were swarmed by a group of over twenty neo-nazi skin heads.

In addition to my long schooling career of being beaten up, I have had several other ‘street’ related incidents that have contributed to the pile, including my very first life and death incident at the age of 18 where I narrowly escaped a hail of bullets that left numerous casualties around me.

This last area was the catalyst that sent me on the path of relentlessly pursuing every resource I could find to become educated on the subject of real life survival.

All these experiences, coupled with my continued passion for the science and art of survival, as well as my personality of constantly worrying if what I was being taught was actually ‘good enough’ and constantly questioning what I was being taught, is what resulted in the methodology that is the CT 707 Krav Maga system.

A system which I will firmly stand behind as being one of the most effective approaches to real life survival that is congruent with the realities of dynamic violence, over any other Krav system/organization out there.

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Nir maman’s system and training.

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The CT 707 Krav Maga Instructor Certification Course:

This course is based on the methodology that Nir Maman developed while serving as a Counter Terror NCO at the Israeli Special Forces Counter Terror School and that he would deliver to all the Special Operations Units that were officially sent to the CTS for specialized training before deploying to high risk zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the fact that Nir developed this methodology while in the Army, this methodology is NOT some secret system reserved for Spec Ops Soldiers and one that only applies to Soldiers.   

This methodology is applicable to all individuals including civilians, Law Enforcement, Security, and Military.

The core of this system is platformed on the Human factor. It is a blueprint for the most optimal way for any human to act/react to a threat while conversely the most optimal methods to mitigate or neutralize a human threat.

The system is principle, strategy, and tactic based, not technique based, and focuses on the most prevalent threats and attacks that occur in the streets. It presents all the tools required to navigate through the realities of dynamic violence.

The Instructor certification course is a 4-day program that can be adopted as a stand-alone Krav Maga program or one that can be incorporated into any existing Martial Art system as a self-defense/survival addition.

The Instructor Certification covers the following subjects:

  • Empty hand offensive and defensive tactics in long, medium, and close ranges
  • Countering strikes and grabbing attacks
  • Ground Survival
  • Surviving multiple attackers
  • Impact weapon defense
  • Knife attack survival
  • Firearm threat defense

Criteria required for taking this certification:

-A minimum of at least a Brown belt in any recognized and reputable Martial Art System

-Demonstrated teaching experience